It was 1994 when professional competences met years of experience. That powerful synergy gave birth to GiFa Transmissions. Since then, GiFa has always proved to be capable of satisfying its customers’ requests, by constantly improving its products supply: a wide range of products, the best brands. Between 2001 and 2006, GiFa strongly strengthened its market position. Thanks to new commercial partnerships, new sets of products, such as moto-vibrators, torque limiters and automatic tensioners started being part of our products supply. As well, Gi.Fa. became a strong competitor in pumps and industrial fans sector. Senza-titolo-1Furthermore, in 2006, Neri Motori, one of the most prestigious companies in our field, named GiFa as its official representative for Emilia-Romagna region. Technology advance & upgrade, products quality & care, quality/price ratio, customer care (post-sale assistance included) have always come first. Thanks to its commitment and its efforts during all these years, Gi.Fa. has consolidated its position on European market, so that more than 50% of its sales volume is foreign-market based. GiFa has always strongly believed in work ethics, customer care, teamwork, network developing. That’s why it’s worth being GiFa’s commercial partners; that’s why you won’t regret it.